Shipping Container Sizes - What's the Difference?

Shipping containers may vary in their size and form. Due to this diversity, there was a necessity that the sizes are standardized, so the international shipment would be as practical as possible. Although there are several standard sizes of shipping conta

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20 feet shipping container is mostly used for smaller shipments. If you don’t have a huge cargo, say, you need to transport your automobile or something of this size, you won’t need to take the 40 ft shipping container as 20 ft is quite enough space for this purpose. With 40 ft you do get more space, but it goes with a higher price, too.

20 ft containers are much more affordable, so if your budget is limited or you simply want to save as much as you can, you should definitively use this size. This will enable you to save money, but will have no impact on the security of the goods transported. Both kinds of shipping containers are constructed in such a way to resist even the harshest conditions during shipment. They are very effective when it comes to multiple loading and unloading or changing means of transport.

40 ft containers are more suitable for larger shipments. Correspondingly, the price is higher as they occupy more space and are a bit less practical when it comes to loading and unloading. Also, you might want to additionally think of a 40 ft container, because if it is not completely full it represents a “partial load” which requires more secure packing. Basically, you should use this size only if you have really, really big cargo. The best side of 40 ft container is that if you have a large cargo, it is practical to put everything in only one container.

Another thing that might be considered as an advantage of the 40 ft containers is that they could be used as housings. It is a common thing for some architects to construct buildings or apartments, using these containers. In some cases, they proved to be effective temporary offices. If this is something you had in mind when thinking of a shipping container, than 40 ft is much better for you as it offers more space for a purpose like this.

The standardization of container sizes is a very practical thing. It positively affects transport efficacy and speed, which is especially important for the international shipments that are now a more common way of transport. After you decide which size is the most suitable for the cargo you are about to send, make sure it is properly packed and don’t worry about the transport.


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